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Welcome to Ignite Transformation College, where the Bible is our ultimate guidebook for all things Christian. We’re committed to deepening your understanding of the Holy Scriptures and helping you discover the power of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

But that’s not all – our curriculum is specially designed with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to prepare you for a purposeful Kingdom advancement and your divine calling. With the Lord’s anointing, you’ll find peace, motivation, inspiration, and blessings that empower you to pursue any program you choose with vigor and all the resources you need.

Speaking of programs, our online degrees offer the ultimate convenience and accessibility. No matter where you are in the world, you can join in and take part in our affordable, flexible, and relevant courses that cater all religious vocations.

Our programs aren’t tied to any particular denomination – we’re all about God’s Kingdom and nurturing ministers who will expand the Church’s mission and save souls. Every course we offer has been carefully curated to turn your heart and mind towards our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solid foundation of our faith.

We’re incredibly grateful for the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, which strengthens our faith and helps us fulfill our mission as a college. So come and join us on this transformative journey – we can’t wait to see what amazing things you’ll achieve with us!

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Degrees We Offer

Certificate Program

  • Certificate in Bible Teaching
  • Certificate in Theology
  • Certificate in Biblical Studies

Bachelor Program

  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree
  • Bachelor of Theology Degree
  • Bachelor of Ministry Degree

Masters Program

  • Master of Biblical Studies Degree
  • Master of Ministry Degree
  • Master of Divinity Degree

Doctoral Program

  • Doctor of Ministry Degree (Dmin)


Enjoy a practical bible school experience at your own pace along with the ability to log on and learn from anywhere.  You will interact with fellow students from different backgrounds and instructors through sharing experiences as you discover your own personal ministerial gifts and calling. We utilize a collaborative and easy-to-use learning system that allows you to access and complete our curriculum, receive feedback, and more.

Our Offerings at

Ignite Transformation College


Identity & Presence

Establish a compelling online presence with our branding solutions tailored for Ignite Transformation College's Online Bible College Website. We focus on articulating your mission and values to create a distinctive identity that resonates with your audience.


Strategic Ministries

Forge a strategic plan for your ministries with our specialized insights at Ignite Transformation College. We guide you in aligning your ministry goals and utilizing the built-in Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance the educational experience for your students.


Digital Discipleship

Ignite Transformation College's Online Bible College Website offers dynamic marketing solutions for digital discipleship. Learn to effectively communicate the teachings and values of your college using the online platform and the integrated LMS.


Pastoral Advisory

Receive valuable pastoral guidance and support with our advisory services at Ignite Transformation College. Our experienced team assists in leveraging the capabilities of the built-in LMS to facilitate effective pastoral training and education.


E-Learning Consulting

Maximize the potential of e-learning with our consulting services at Ignite Transformation College. Collaborate with us to harness the capabilities of the built-in LMS, ensuring a seamless and enriching online learning experience for both students and educators.


Academic Planning

Efficiently plan and execute academic strategies using the built-in Learning Management System at Ignite Transformation College's Online Bible College Website. Our planning services help you leverage the LMS to enhance educational outcomes and streamline administrative processes.



Ignite Transformation College is an institution of biblical higher education that exists to provide a Christ-centered curriculum that fosters a biblical world view, empowering students to engage and impact their global society.

The faculty seeks to prepare students for life-long learning to serve Christ in ministry and marketplace professions. While faculty members have unique gifts, experiences, and academic credentials, they collectively engage students through a biblically-based philosophy of education that leads students to glorify and serve the Creator God.

Our Courses

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